Daishan Weier Gasket Seal Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 , specialized in producing head gaskets, full set, manifold of gasoline and diesel engines for automobiles and motorcycles. Our company also provides various gaskets sealing sheet as asbestos latex wet panel, non-asbestos seal pad panel, gasoline and diesel engine seal asbestos latex panel, metal composite panel etc. Our company adopts various advanced domestic and international product line and testing equipment for the asbestos and non-asbestos sheet, head gaskets and other manifold product, which made the company step into the advanced world lever.

The annual production capacity is over 3 million sets of automobile engine head gaskets, 1 million sets of motorcycle gaskets, and 100,000 tons of sealing materials. The raw materials are imported from America, Europe and Japan, and products are qualified with...【More】



 Cylinder Head Gasket
Gaskets are fixed between cylinder cover and cylinder body, the function of which is to guarantee the contact of cylinder cover and cylinder body more tightly. In this case, they can avoid leaking gas, water and oil.
 Full Gasket Set
Products applicable models of cars include the United States and Europe of models of cars, as well as Hyundai, Daewoo and other models.
 Oil Pan Gasket
Widely applicable to small and medium-sized diesel engine oil pan and the body of a seal gaskets. It is characterized by the rubber as the main body to produce deformed susceptible to leakage caused parts fastening screw holes, adopted under pressure to improve the sealing gasket.

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